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Terrance Aeriel
Born in New Jersey
18 years
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Staci Harris Connected January 29, 2012
As I watched brick city on tv1, I had to google the story that they mentioned. I didn't realize that I had heard about this story before. It seems so unreal. I am a native of Durham, NC. Born aNd raised. Nothin like this happens here, or so you think. My family went through this. 4 man homicide November 2005, execution style in their own home my brother, our first cousin, his roommate and his friend, and a 5th left to die. The hardest day of anyones life. Reading these memories of these 3 was beautiful. No matter what, God will pull everyone through. No matter how long its been, everyday is a healing. One step at a time. I pray for continued peace for eah family. 
Stephanie B. May The Young Virtuous Students Be Remembered October 8, 2007

Here's a short poem in memory of the students:

On one sunny summer day.

When the day is young, four young talented friends

Just minding their business.

Ready for life to begin.

Then one day, out of all the days.

Satan's minion destroyed the young lives.

Now they are no longer with us today.

Because of wickedness and selfishness in the world.

I will never forget  all of you.

Your bright smiles will be restored.

Your selflessness and virtues will be revealed.

You will be in paradise with me in the near future.

Until then.

May they rest in sweet peace.

Love, Stephanie B.


Jacoby Hightower My cousin September 30, 2007
Im Iofemi's(sheena)cousin and all I can say is I miss her so much and it seems like it happened yesterday, she was a cousin I grew up with and to sit here and picture the future without her is
something I cant explain but I have Good memories to live on with!!

They use to call us Grandma & Grandpa in a store we use to go in to get hot chocolate in the mornings HaHa!!!

Love You Always and Forever!
Keona Wright Poem I dedicate to them September 29, 2007
I love you when it hurts, I love you through the worst.
I love you, even though you didn't say it first.

I know you're in Heaven, flying up above.
Looking down on the people, whom you dearly love.

God couldn't have been wrong, when he called you home to rest.
His place must be wonderful, he always take the best.

Many days I think of you, many days I cry.
You touched my heart more then others, I don't know why.

In life I never met you, in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place, no one else will ever feel.

I'll never forget you or that very tragic day.
It's so sad that you left in such violent way.

You didn't want to go but you had no choice.
You will always be an angel, you will always have a voice.
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